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Status: 68 year old male seeking romance or friendship
Location: Toberonochy, Strathclyde
Member: NF024619
Height: 5' 10" / 178cm

Having chosen to live most of my working life in the English Lake District, am now semi-retired and living on a small Scottish island,  have almost finished re- modeling a 1970's bungalow to justify its setting, to be energy efficient and more in tune with today's way of life.  Outside I am helping acres of garden heal themselves back to the natural flora and fauna of the region. I appreciate the quietness; from where I am sitting right now I can see deer, otter, seals, dolphins, and even the occasional golden eagle!

I retired from accountancy at 27 to design & build wooden boats for oar and sail, and now regularly visit Michigan as designer to a not-for-profit organization.

Occasionally I explore further afield with a simple camping van and bicycle or small boat (in the UK and Europe)... with some new inspiration this could develop into a major passtime. I don't need to go to a city too often, and prefer rural surroundings and being near the sea. I respect the Scots for their pragmatic use of resources, often mistaken for meanness.

I work more enthusiastically when the benefit is not just to me. I will do what I can to help others realize their dreams, I appreciate the mutual benefits of sharing our past interests and ambitions for the future. My son has taken over my business in the Lake District, my daughter works in London, but we are all in touch very regularly thanks to Skype & Facetime.

I don't have a TV, often read classics (though I must admit I prefer books with pictures!) I write, draw, make, take photographs and film. Enjoy classical music, particularly chamber, Bach, Beethoven, Sibelius, Paart, folk & jazz... and I play the guitar if you sing!

My preference is for freshly prepared food, and have been vegetarian for 40 years since living in South America. I am told by young visitors that I am fitter than most of my age!  

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My Passions

  • Functional design
  • Knowing when and how to take it easy!

My star sign

  • Aquarius

I'm a...

  • Non-smoker