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Status: 58 year old male seeking romance or friendship
Location: Sheffield, South Yorkshire
Member: NF026204
Height: n/a

Hi..I am Pete a compassionate nature loving man. Tall and hunky, loving, kind,open, straight forward. Quiet yet sociable professional male who enjoyes his vocational work.

I am a secure and solvent male but not motivated materially. My loves are all aspects of Nature, Music, Art, Travel, Film and Theatre. Love getting out with my binos. I love the open country of the Peaks, Dales, Lakes, Pennines of which I am fortunate to live amongst in a humble home.

I have been influence by nature since childhood, when I experienced wild bees and birds in my own back yard and then set off wandering to discover more.

My past is from a working class back ground and yet seem to have transcended to become just me. I like to keep life simple yet take responsibility.

As previously mentioned, my life and attitude is secure, no demons or ghost in the closet, no propping up my woes in a bar etc. I value meaningful dialogues with people and especially a prospective partner.

Prefence is for Intra-dependence not co-dependence. Not keen at being joined at the him, but very open to sharing and existing together with abondoning each ones individuality.

I love travel, whether domestic or abroad and have been to quite a few places and taken in the wildlife etc.

Intention is to find a genuine love, and share wonderful times with kindness, love, compassion flourishing between us.

Religeon and Politics have very little influence over me, but I do behold the need to champion a fair and inclusive society based on non judgemntal understanding. I have a gentle sense of spirituality and although I do not buy into the labels, I find influences in eastern traditions of many kinds.


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My Passions

  • Photography Art
  • Culture & Travel
  • Simple delicouse food in or out...love to cook.
  • Natural history.
  • Animals & Birds.
  • Theatre, Live Events, Music...is my biggest pasion.
  • Mindfulness and Quiessence.
  • Love, Harmony, Beauty.
  • Complimentary Therapies of which I practice Acupuncture, Tui-Na, Counselling, Coaching.

I'm a...

  • Non-smoker