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Status: 60 year old male seeking romance or friendship
Location: Durham, Durham
Member: NF018611
Height: 5' 6" / 170cm

I am best described as slim, medium / muscular build, very fit, lean, healthy and intend to remain that way!! (I have always been a non smoker). I am easy going, easy to please; I like good organic food, wine and, feeling like a mature 22, love life and laughter!! I have a very youthful outlook and feel 20 years younger than my chronological ''age'', healthier, fitter, stronger and happier than ever, even more so from a ketogenic diet! I enjoy most music including 80s, through classical and modern dance.

Having travelled far and wide and being a business professional, I am confident / self assured in most situations, considerate as opposed to dominant. I originate from farming background, love the outdoors and countryside but am also happy to spend cosy times indoors! I am very creative and excel at DIY, making, designing and repairing almost anything. I am friendly, caring, tactile, intelligent, romantic, sincere, kind and genuine, very strictly always a one woman guy; I consider myself a true gentleman and always treat women with the utmost respect. I am looking for someone fairly slim and active, feminine, vivacious, affectionate and non-materialistic who places an appreciation of nature, life and happiness above possessions; someone to laugh, dance and play with, who loves the outdoors and country life, perhaps who would appreciate a man more with an axe and chainsaw than a Ferrari!, above all someone honest, sincere, genuine, faithful and loyal, to share all times with, a true soulmate.

In line with my star sign I am home and family loving. I have an open mind and welcome the spiritual beliefs and general tastes of others; it feels good to share with and learn from those close. I absorb knowledge constantly and am always keen to explore, learn and know more. I have moved back to the place where I spent the first part of my life with the cheerful warmth of an always on Rayburn cooking range, an open log fire for those long winter evenings and land to keep my own hens, grow anything I want etc (although the latter two are presently good intentions)!

I love: all aspects of the countryside, long walks, to appreciate the infinite wonder and beauty around us, breath-taking views, walking on the sea shore, going to the woods in May to see the bluebells, the enchanting song of the blackbird, the awesome flight of the swallow, the owl swooping and hunting over my field, skiing and the beautiful scenery in the mountains, walking on a frosty evening, making toast in front of a log fire and simply to be alive!

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My Passions

  • Healthy eating, awareness and lifestyle.
  • Long walks, log fires, deep conversion (in front of the fire especially!).
  • Helping and teaching others.
  • Skiing, the whole breathtaking mountain experience.
  • Learning, discovering, being awestruck.
  • Dancing, playing, laughing!
  • Country and Steam Fayres

I'm a...

  • Non-smoker