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Status: 63 year old male seeking romance or friendship
Location: Londonderry County Borough, Northern Ireland
Member: NF018819
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Hi there!

I love being outdoors with my camera! In fact I''m never without a pocket one at least, and I love both street photography (capturing moments and quirkyness) and Nature, so i guess that tells you something about me ie I love the variety of the city as long as I have my escape routes too!

I''m currently in between careers which has been challenging, and recently passed my Post-Grad in Personal / Business Coaching.

I''ve also been studying and taking part in Healing Courses but that''s a longer story than I can go into here, but just to say that it involves a lot of Gentleness in action / breath / meditation and practice!

My values include integrity in all its forms, whether in relationships or in a wider context, and injustices wherever they are i.e. Amnesty International /38 Degrees etc etc In fact I have to watch that I don''t get swamped by all the appeals out there!

I speak reasonable conversational French as I went to a French Lycee School when I was a child. I come from a cosmopolitan background as parents were Hungarian and lived in many European countries.

Music is important to me and I have very wide musical tastes. I''ve also done various adult education courses, recently Latin Piano which was a stretch, but fun! I have sporadic piano lessons and dabble occasionally on the guitar.

Food-wise, organic goes without saying where possible and the healing courses have changed much in my eating habits and many other things besides..

Other interests include Film, walking, eating out (''and in'' which covers everything ;^) , and travel.

I''m interested in finding someone who really gets that I won''t be perfect... you won''t be perfect... and that the most important thing about a successful relationship is how these imperfections are handled. ie with gentleness, tolerance. patience and love.

Other than that my ideal relationship would be full of closeness, ease and laughter.

Good luck on your searches! All the Best Andrew.

PS, Having done the ''long-distance relationship thing'' before I have to say that I''m not really up for that again.

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