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Status: 42 year old male seeking friendship
Location: York, North Yorkshire
Member: NF026352
Height: 5' 8" / 175cm
Friends describe me as fairly easy going, always smiling (apparently the serious look doesn't suit me) likes to have a laugh and yet knows when to be serious, supportive, compassionate, ethically minded, spiritual (although I'm not keen on the use of the word, for me it's nothing more than knowing and understanding yourself in relation to all things) good listener and very good company. These are not my words but those of my friends, feel free to find out for yourself :) I like being outdoors and enjoy many outdoor pursuits. I packed up and left london after living there for 25 years and moved to the countryside. Although I can also appreciate the liveliness and constant flow of the city life. (In small doses, I hasten to add) No point pretending, I find honesty to be the best policy, so here is my reason for joining this site. I'm hoping to meet someone interested in a friendship which would organically and naturally evolve into something meaningful and long lasting. I'm a strong believer in allowing nature to take it's course and see what happens. A space within which it all happens.

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