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Pete B

Status: 52 year old male seeking friendship
Location: Cromer, Norfolk
Member: NF025889
Height: n/a

Ask me best way it may seem old fashioned but it does still work.
We are human beings not human doings it is good to talk not tap as humans we try to connect hence my on this site here for better or worse.
I believe in the soul and search for connection that fills it as much as can be filled.
I enjoy the outdoors long walks and being in touch with nature and all its wonders.
I am very open to new experiences nice pub meal with good company and conversation.
Home life is important and like to share the goods things in lives tapestry.
The world drowns in information i like clarity ,honesty,manners,just simple truths...
Music moves the soul and speaks where words often can fail what song or songs would speak for you?

I have worked in the Brtitish Army,Bitish Fire Service etc there by hangs a tail so pull it and i will smile....
I joined Amy at 17 went to Ireland aged 18 and one month to London Derry during the troubles was different for sure...I am no alpha male really.... just use brains and brawn to get through all of lives challenges thus far still looking for the a complete life so move the body and move the mind.When i have my life pass before me i while need a tea break to get through it all.I want to see whats over the hill and that is always where life lies but holding the right hand makes the journey blessed. :)Did you know i was deeper than the average puddle so jump in .x
I love words and music and emotion they come as a package and move the soul to ...and nothing wrong with being Cautious ...fools rush in where the angels do not fear the edge.xx

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