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Status: 39 year old female seeking romance or friendship
Location: Norwich, Norfolk
Member: NF026457
Height: n/a

loisking two (use number) at yahoo dot co dot uk


Warm, tactile, loving, curious, thoughtful woman who loves nature, music, good food, photography, languages, literature/books, poetry, film (particularly foreign language, but I can happily watch something like Despicable Me and love it!), art, gardening, radio 4 and 6, my dog. I love the sea, trees/forests, mountains, wild swimming, making art in nature, words, writing, fires, brewing/fermenting/baking/preserving.

I am a human being - flawed and beautiful - here's some of the 'good' and 'bad':

I'm generous and sometimes I give too much. I'm working on allowing people to give more to me and recognise before I agree to things I don't really like or want to do.
I'm introspective and sometimes I'm too much in my head....but I'm working on it....
I can be too serious sometimes but I have an awesome silly side, and love to play, climb trees, jump in puddles, laugh.....
I'm affected by things deeply, and sometimes I need to be reminded to see the positive side.
I can be intense and passionate, but when I feel relaxed that radiates out of me.
I'm excited by the world, self development and learning and sometimes I can end up with too many projects on the go - I sometimes need someone to remind me to sit still...... but when I do I really see the benefit of doing/thinking/being nothing.
I can be a little impatient...but I'm working on that too.

I am a romantic soul and find meaning, beauty and romance in art, old books and inscriptions, autumn leaves, old postcards / photographs, seeing old people holding hands...I can be moved by so much. I love love letters and poetry, and seek a partner who can engage a little at least on this level.

I'm interested in psychology, how the mind and body are connected, what it is to be human, beauty, love, loss, life and death. I run a death cafe occasionally and work with a company that opens up conversations about death.

I'm a counsellor and currently doing more training to add to my skills. I'm particularly interested in psychedelics and entheogens/ plant medicine, embodiment, breathwork, somatic experiencing, movement, internal family systems...

My spirituality is a quiet part of me that encompasses ideas about mother nature, collective trauma/healing, human spirit and love. I don't feel a huge affinity for ideas about divinity/higher power/gods etc but try and remain open and aware that I know nothing.

I would love to buy some land somewhere and build a house, and live a sustainable and peaceful life, with chickens, alpacas and growing lots of food.

I'm looking for someone who is emotionally intelligent, kind and is passionate about either art, literature or music, or perhaps all of them! Someone without spiritual ego, but who is open minded, curious and flexible. Someone who is moved by nature.

I'd love to meet someone who can offer acceptance, love and support. Who knows the value of independence and separate interests but who also really wants to integrate our lives, who moves towards love, even if that can at times be scary. Someone who can hold space for honesty, change, growth, feelings and dreams. Someone who is loving, tactile, and content in their sexuality. I'm looking for someone who is ready for commitment. Lovers are wonderful, but I'm at a point in my life where building something solid and committed is my priority, as is creating a beautiful family.

I would also love to meet people that are interested in forming a community, or new friends, penpals, discussion groups, book clubs, support groups?

I wish hope/happiness/joy/learning for everyone out there, and hope you find what you are looking for.

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My Passions

  • nature
  • walking
  • wildflowers
  • art
  • music
  • books/literature
  • writing

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  • Non-smoker