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Status: 50 year old female seeking romance or friendship
Location: Lincoln, Lincolnshire
Member: NF026176
Height: 5' 2" / 160cm
Iam in the Golden middle. Love countryside and cosy fires. Healthy and positive. Practice active compassion. Sharing and caring. Creative and intelligent. Simple things in life are the best. Morning cup of tea and laugh with a friend. Meditation and yoga. Cycling, swimming and skiing. Live music. Organic food. Iam a Cat person. Enchanted by the mystery of life and death.

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My Passions

  • Massage
  • Colourtherapy
  • Mythology
  • Aromatherapy
  • Healthy food
  • Yoga
  • Megaliths
  • Tibetan Buddhism
  • Cats
  • Poetry

My star sign

  • Virgo

I'm a...

  • Non-smoker