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Status: 60 year old male seeking romance or friendship
Location: Dartford, Kent
Member: NF018559
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Lots of thoughts of what to say but putting down in print...Oh Dear!

Firstly, just in case you wondered, I am the one in the middle, beween the two cute creatures.

I am single with no children. I guess the first part is obvious otherwise I would not be here. I live in NW Kent, approx. 25 miles from central London. I work in local government looking after parks & open spaces, although recent government announcements about the ''Big Society'' might change this!

My approach to green issues leans towards a lighter shade of green. I appreciate what the modern world can provide and realise that are no simple solutions to overcoming the problems ahead. One persons sustainable wind farm is anothers blot on the landscape.

I love the idea of living a simple life on a smallholding somewhere in the hills,however, I feel that I might be lost without London on my doorstep.

I enjoy walking as a way of connecting with nature and find it reminds me of my place in the universe. After a long walk a simple cup of tea takes on a whole new dimension. An example of a recent good day / night out for me was to climb Snowdon, finish 6 hours later as the full moon was rising and finding a pub with a real fire serving tea & coffee.

Mmm...now for the difficult bit about relationships. What am I looking for?

Someone I am able to talk with at ease, understanding and caring. I believe that compassion is an important quality in any human.

It would be nice to share my walks. I am sure that ''Tea for Two'' is more sustainable & green than ''Tea for One''. And if you have a dog, or cat, bring them too!

No one knows who that special person is until they meet them. I will have to leave that to fate, life and what the universe provides.

Thank you for reading my profile.

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