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Creative Bookworm

Status: 42 year old female seeking romance or friendship
Location: Manchester, Greater Manchester
Member: NF023848
Height: n/a

Vivacious, big hearted ecopreneur with an up to snuff sense of fun. I'm multiphaceted with an easy blend of social butterfly and solitary book worm. I have a variety of interests some super girly like lipstick, smelling nice and shiny hair to weilding a lump hammer demolishing stuff before rebuilding it in a way unique to my tastes, it's all pretty fun. I loathe plastic, love shopping locally and supporting small business. I appreciate beards and a sense of humour, though the beards are optional, sense of humour not so much. And it's only fair to put it out there, I can be feisty, headstrong and have been known at times to swear like a sailor. Just so you know I'm open and happy to share, regardless.  

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My Passions

  • Reclamation and building
  • Photography of all kinds
  • Being outside in the fresh air with my dog Hector
  • Treasure hunting and rummaging for antiques
  • Laughing
  • Weekend breaks at cottages in the countryside
  • Books, books and more books... did I mention books?!
  • Shopping local, ethically and conciously

I'm a...

  • Non-smoker