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Status: 53 year old male seeking romance
Location: London, Greater London
Member: NF026247
Height: 5' 6" / 170cm
I am passionate about Life and am fully committed to living it as consciously and ethically and as fully as possible-being fully engaged with it, in it and pro-actively living it by example. I am a highly efficient and hard working visionary and manifester with exceptional organisational abilities. I facilitate and network a great deal. ..I have made a successful career of it. The path of my life was defined by my use of psychedelics when I was a teenager. I see these as an invaluable and essential tool for humanity’s evolution. They’re increased acceptance and (psycho)therapeutic use is one of the most significant things happening in the world right now and in my small way I believe I have contributed towards and influenced this timely development. I remain a psychonaut. I am also a medical thc advocate although I don’t use it myself. I am calm, balanced, tolerant and patient. Equanemous is a term I often use to describe myself. I guess I would call myself Pagan-Buddhist animist agnostic secular.... of Ashkenazi Jewish ancestry. I live in the present, envision and intuitively plan the future and rarely think about or even remember my past. I am the de facto sum of it.. I prefer the company of women and the dynamic creative energetics that arise between the female and male. This has been the foundation of my life. I live to love and love to live...sorry a bit cheesy that Really that is all there is... My life is full and busy because this is how I thrive. There is so much to do and so much I can do and want to do. I love story telling / modern literature (mostly British) (mainly Audible these days when I’m driving and sometimes before I go to sleep) and spoken word audio (eg podcasts)( tired of R4). I have an immense book collection (although this is presently in storage, alas) and am eloquent and literate. I love this truly golden age of tv we are now in eg HBO Showtime BBC AMC series. (I could provide a list of best ofs if asked. I never watch real time tv.) I am a cinephile and love to immerse myself in foreign cultures through this medium. I particularly like to watch films from all over the world. I have travelled extensively and lived in Japan and California and have drawn many attributes from these culture into my being. Sadly, I remain a monoglot and dream of changing this.... I love food : buying food, cooking, eating in and eating out. I buy mostly organic, and I’ve been mainly vegan throughout my adult life. I have not eaten meat since I was 15. I love chillis and cuisines that embrace them. Mexican, Thai, Korean, Vietnamese, Indian / Bengali, Lebanese, Italian, and Japanese are my favourites. I abhor smoking and drunkenness. But I do enjoy a good (preferably organic) wine , a Cider, a Corona with a slice of lime and occasionally a margarita. I know we are what we eat. Because of this I consider myself exceptionally healthy. And fit. I train every week and do yoga and Pilates. I also enjoy receiving Tui’na, acupuncture and shiatsu. I love technology (I guess you’d call me a technophile) but I only see it as a tool. So I use a new model iPhone and drive a Tesla (I feel ethically I have no choice)..I’ve been driving an electric car since 2004, as soon as I could buy one . I had solar panels on my roof from 2005 and was putting on solar powered stages at festivals since the early 1990s. I do not do social networking. I have been serially monogamous for 30+ years. I have 7 children by 4 woman and 3 grandchildren. I am a dedicated and proud father. 4 of my children live in London, 2 in S’set, 1 in CA. I have now had a vasectomy. I am a member of the Green Party and support many charities and organisations through donations and follow their work. Maybe I will get involved in politics but right now I am too busy on other projects between rural very green Somerset and central London. I live in both. My professional background has included music production, graphics and design, festival and rave production, fashion and organic foods. I am very sensually orientated : I have highly developed visual, aural and olfactory senses. I am pragmatic and utilitarian. But I also like comforts and luxuries eg Egyptian cotton bed linen and the best quality technologies. I am fortunate to be able to afford these. But I have worked hard for decades to manifest them. I will not describe you! Nor will I suggest what I need nor what I am looking for in a woman. Because I am open and do not have preconceptions. I have preferences (eg slim) and I have my experiences. I know that in many ways there is still so much more to experience and open myself up to. The possibilities are infinite... I’ve written a lot more but presently the site won’t load the rest of the text. And I’ve e tried to pay for the premium service but Sage seems to be down and it’s Sunday. So hopefully this will all get corrected imminently.

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My Passions

  • Organic foods (sugar free)
  • My cats
  • Driving my solar powered car
  • Audible
  • Charity shops, car boots, antique fairs, books books books and kitchen equipment
  • Clipper earl grey tea (every morning)
  • A good flat white coffee with almond barista
  • Mrs Maisel (a nod to my Jewish ancestry)
  • My kitchen
  • Historical fiction a la Michael Hirst Hilary Mantel

My star sign

  • Leo

I'm a...

  • Non-smoker