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Status: 43 year old female seeking romance or friendship
Location: London, Greater London
Member: NF023752
Height: 5' 4" / 163cm

Hello! I'm from New York, USA. That wasnt an option in the town section so chose London. Im an outgoing person who loves to connect with people. Im a physician, herbalist, and an energy healer and believe in mind body spirit approach to medicine. Im vegan, organic and gluten free. I love to meditate and am working on awakening my Kundalini. Im a believer in spiritual guides, guardian angels, astral travel, interdimensional reality and Karma. I have a beautiful 12 year old son and am currently separated as far as relationship status goes. I love to be in nature, go for long walks, run, and bike on the trails. I love to cook, read, sing, listen to music and dance. Im very spiritually oriented and am seeking a friend that resonates with me on a similar natural and holistic vibrational frequency. Im very romantic, love photography and love to chat. 

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My Passions

  • My profession - its amazing to help children recover from Autism and thrive!
  • Spiritualism, meditation, Kirtan and inner peace
  • Dancing in the summer rain
  • Herbalism and Energy Medicine
  • Sitting by a roaring fire in the fall amongst beautiful trees in all shades of red and gold!
  • Walking in the woods especially with beautiful falls colors around
  • Red and gold are my favorite colors - guess thats obvious by now! LOL
  • Advocate for holistic, clean, pesticide free, minimalist, sustainable green lifestyle choices
  • Love being near water! Practicing my Yoga at sunrise on the beach is a very powerful energetic experience

My star sign

  • Aries

I'm a...

  • Non-smoker