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Status: 51 year old female seeking friendship
Location: London, Greater London
Member: NF026077
Height: 5' 6" / 170cm

I am a woman trying to understand the world and find ways to grow, evolve and connect with others. Life experience has carved out who I am and how I think. My friends would say integrity in a person means a great deal to me and it does. I am a friend who is emotionally available, who cries, shouts, laughs and gets p** off at the insanity of this world. I want to explore more of the great outdoors and share those experiences. I dream of building my own wooden cabin with a recording studio nestled by a lake, grow my own food, dance and laugh in the woods with friends and live in a sustainable, kinder and creative community. My work is in the arts and heritage sector, producing large scale public art and community events and its where I have had the fortune to have worked with some of the most inspiring artists and cultural organizations. Although if I had my life round again, I would have liked to have trained as an architect, a gardener and a carpenter but I haven't given up hope..yet..:-) There is a quiet side to my nature, love the company of others but also really like my independence. My favorite time of the day, especially in the summer is 6am before the world starts waking up properly. The light is so incredible that its almost unreal... As I've got older, I've become more aware of what's around me. I light up at the natural wonders of this world and when someone has expressed some kindness towards me. I feel more alive and in touch with others when I dance and music has been an extraordinary gift to me and will always play an important role in my life. One of my must haves when planning that rare escape from London is an open fire, a natural view, a slow roast in the oven waiting after that long walk with good friends around me.

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My Passions

  • Music and Dancing. I have a deep passion for film music, which is what inspired me to compose my own music.
  • Volunteering for community kitchen garden charities, that also teaches you how grow food and other plant life
  • Being creative, architecture, art and design.
  • Wellbeing Activities, like Chi Gung, hot yoga and love tennis when I get a chance to play.
  • Just started getting into walking and would like to start going on hiking weekend trips, my dream is to go to Rainbow Mountains in Peru.
  • Love being close to lakes surrounded by hills and mountains. Not that I've seen that many, but there is one that will I will never forget which was in Ambleside Cumbria, that literraly brought a tear to my eye, it was that beautiful.
  • I like learning new things creative and when this lockdown nightmare is over, I intend to learn how to play the drums.
  • Cinematography, european art house/cult films with a great soundtrack.
  • A good old fashioned sunday roast. x
  • To Live more, learn more, dance more, laugh more, see more and do more. x

I'm a...

  • Non-smoker