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Status: 54 year old male seeking romance or friendship
Location: Stroud, Gloucestershire
Member: NF024445
Height: 6' 0" / 183cm

I am self-employed  in the caring profession. I haven’t put my profile picture up purely because I want to remain somewhat anonymous because of my job. I'd be happy to send a pic if requested. Socially I am quite shy hence why I’m going online to hopefully meet some like minded folk. I love listening to music, anything from avant-garde to pop, I enjoy free dancing, am partial to the odd glass of wine. I love being in nature, gardening, cooking, shamanism, being creative, watching good quality movies and tend to enjoy talking about spirituality, politics, feelings, psychology life and death. I am tactile and more of a right brain type of person. Though I dislike labelling people, politically I’m probably a new age, lefty, green, open minded vegetarian who tends to believe there is more to life than meets the eye.  I am not preachy and can accept others who think differently. We're all on our strange, personal journeys and I see life as a mystery.
Originally, I am from a northern, working class background so can be quite direct in communication but having lived in the south most of my adult life, I have also cultivated a bit of sensitivity and diplomacy.
I have a wonderful, feisty 7yr old son whom I co-parent.
I’m looking to feel a connection with someone in which we can both be ourselves. Empathy, integrity, honesty and warmth are high on the list of things I value. I can be very playful after I get to know someone well.  I'm looking to make new friends, male and female. I’m not necessarily just looking for something romantic, though I’m open to that too.

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My Passions

  • My beautiful son
  • Small attempts to make the world a better place through lifestyle
  • Weird and wonderful music of all kinds, from all places
  • Being in nature and sensing the magic
  • Trying to transform my garden into a work of art (I've a long way to go, it's a process:-)
  • Dancing, singing and creative expression
  • Swimming in the sea (takes me an hour to get in)
  • Honesty and truth (speaking from the heart rather than the intellect)
  • Personal growth, intuition, earth based and embodied spirituality
  • Touch, passion and heart centred connection

My star sign

  • Taurus

I'm a...

  • Non-smoker