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Status: 58 year old male seeking romance or friendship
Location: Aberystwyth, Dyfed
Member: NF025316
Height: n/a

Hi, well if you want to find love and/or friendship in this life, you have to make an effort, right? So here goes...

I'm a quiet gentle (& hairy!) soul who likes to spend his time outside in nature as much as possible, walking, wild swimming, gardening, lying on the grass in the sun, sitting on a log listening to the birdsong, watching sunsets on a remote beach, making the odd stone sculpture etc. Much of the last 25 years I've lived outdoors, in my tent on a beach, in a mud hut in a woodland, in vans, caravans, communities, organic farms, sheds, in this country and abroad, you name it! Love living in nature, though bit tired of the insecurity & constant moving on!

Now I want to find a home base, where I can just live a simple quiet life, do more gardening, take life easy, but I definitely don't want to lose my wild side, so somewhere natural and peaceful, and still moving around sometimes. It occured to me it might be fun to look with someone, (though just meeting a new friend, or occasional lover would also be great) so here I am, not in my natural habitat, just putting it out there.....maybe there's someone, or more than one (I'm open to mono or poly) out there who just might see this......well I know it's a bit like thinking you might win the lottery, but you certainly won't win if you don't buy a ticket...

I don't really have any 'must haves', well as far as I know anyway, in fact I try to be open to whatever life seems to think I need at any moment, rather than my own preconceived notions. I guess we just need to like each other, and like doing some (not necessarily all) stuff together, (though preferably that includes a little 'in-the-tent' fun!). Also if you can't cope with someone having the occasional bout of depression, which does happen to me, then I guess steer clear (though I guess it's possible (though unlikely I'm sure) that meeting the 'woman of my dreams' would 'cure' me!)

I don't smoke, drink or drugs. I don't have kids and don't want kids (too much responsibility for me). I mostly, but not exclusively, eat veggie, organic food, and try to live as lightly on this earth as I am able given the society in which I find myself, while revelling in the natural beauty all around us. I don't have a job, so am free to move around. If you are interested, you might feel like writing to me at nomad_ken on yahoo (co dot uk), well we can see if that gets past them anyway! (I did what they said: "sign up for free to send a message or a wink", and it won't let me do either, so it might be up to you.....) Whatever, I wish you luck in your search. We all need a bit of luck in this world.

Well it's a glorious sunny day out there, so enough of this, write to me if there's more you'd like to know...... It may be a little while before I respond as I'm not constantly internet-connected!


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