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Fantasy Trowel

Status: 69 year old male seeking romance or friendship
Location: Northwich, Cheshire
Member: NF026255
Height: 5' 10" / 180cm

Is anyone running Natural Friends? 4 reasons I think not:
Their paywall doesn’t work – the Natural Friends website is sending Sagepay a duff password.
I’ve sent them a message about this, they’ve neither responded or done anything about the problem.
There’s a link on the website to a facebook page – which doesn’t exist.
The latest entry in the What’s Going On page is from 2017.
So I was thinking of sending them a cheque for membership – but it’ll probably end up in a pile of unopened post and junkmail in some hallway.

I'm an environmental educator and campaigner, involved with various groups and helping to spread the message. I've been a widower for far too long, and have two amazing fledged children. I've got too used to my own company, so I'm breaking out! Low cost living has become well entrenched since university days, I'm not used to the 'high life'. Most of the time I've had a modest income or benefits, but I reckon my quality of life is better for my ability to manage. Beware! I'm a botanist and edible plant geek! There are soooo many edible plants you can grow or forage, and I do my best. Well into science and explaining it to children and adults, composting a speciality! When visiting my daughter we'll go botanising together. Guitarist and singer, and I enjoy dancing. My music goes down well at folk events, although little is traditional folk. Bit of John Lennon, Flanders and Swann, Chuck Berry, Neil Diamond, other oldies, and dafties. Folk dancing and if I can find a place to let my hair down for rock dancing that'd be fun; I was known for giving others the chance to let themselves loosen up on the dance floor without showing themselves up. Through lack of practice, I'm rather tamer now. If I can, I'll camp at folk festivals. Tendency for untidyness (sorry!), and getting on with the important things in life. I haven't flown since the 90s, environmental reasons. I've found there are other more interesting ways to travel, and have taken my kids abroad by rail and coach, stopping at youth hostels. I'm currently involved with caring for our mum, which can tie me up a bit. I enjoy cycling in dry weather.

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My Passions

  • Environment - I've been learning about it for a lifetime. Needs respect!
  • Gardening, or rather, forest gardening - mimicking nature. Growing unusual food plants.

I'm a...

  • Non-smoker