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Status: 54 year old female seeking romance or friendship
Location: Bristol, Avon
Member: NF025282
Height: 5' 2" / 160cm

Are you into travel, mindfulness & a project/work to make a difference to our world? Then do connect, if what I've written below resonates for you .......I've always been a seeker, both as a traveler of the world and of my inner world through meditation and inner awareness Am also into alternative health and understanding our energy body, living all life with an open heart, wild adventures and quiet evenings by the fire, and loving and living life to the fullest. I try to balance time with friends, my work (which I also love), and quiet time for myself. Am based in the pretty, and still easily accessible, countryside near Bristol, I also spend months each year in warmer climes (France, and southern hemisphere), so have adapted my business to suit the lifestyle I love. And am passionate about entrepreneurism, the creativity possible through it, and how it can be used to help our planet. I try to get out for a run by the nearby lake or in the woods a few times a week, enjoy yoga and practice it intimitantly, love dancing, and basically love being out in nature and enjoying the countryside...

I thought I'ld join this page to connect with someone new..... I'm open to friendship from here, or to taking it further if it feels right.  Now its time to be clear, interesting to actually put this down in writing - I guess I'm looking for someone who is enquiring, optimistic, loves being in nature and travel, hopefully loves good food and cooking, has their own passions/work/projects, and also has means and time to travel together, at least sometimes. I love close connecting and deep exploration, supporting each other to live our truest and fullest selves, mutual respect and kindness, holding hands often, cuddles, exploring ancient eastern arts of how people can connect energtically, and fun, laughs, adventures, and expanding our worlds....

Though traveling often, I try to live lightly as I can on our planet, eating organic (I am a good cook of food from many cultures where I have lived) and local as much as I can, keeping my 'stuff' to a minimum, reducing my plastic waste and supporting organisations helping to rebalance the problems our planet is facing from too many of us living western lifestyles.

One of my projects now is seeing if I can bring together a eco co-housing community of tiny or small houses for meditators, entrepreneurs, part-time digital nomads and creatives with a communal co-working space, a yoga/dance space in the countryside near Bristol. For I feel that we all need to be part of communities of like-minded people, and the ideal way seems to be to live with only the essential personal space we need, and more communal areas.  If you are interested you can visit our group just forming https://www.facebook.com/groups/577884545956947/ 

My profile is only a free one at the moment - so if you'ld like to connect then do Wink, and lets see, if there seems a good rapport I can upgrade so we can chat further...


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My Passions

  • Meditation and on the path of a seeker...
  • Travel, and living in a variety of countries
  • Walking / running in the countryside
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Co-housing (with co-working hub) eco communities (looking at bringing one together)
  • Delicious, local, organic food
  • Time with friends
  • Online business' & connection potential
  • Living in the countryside
  • Oceans (was a blue water sailor when younger)

My star sign

  • Leo

I'm a...

  • Non-smoker