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Our History

The history of Natural Friends

Finding that special someone, who shares your passions, views and values is never easy. This was very much in the minds of James and Barbara Bradshaw when they created Natural Friends in 1985, the UK’s very first ‘green’ dating and friendship service. Over nearly three decades later, its ethical approach has helped thousands of like-minded people, find their perfect partner.

The Natural Friends team

Natural Friends is now owned and run by Ally and David, who share James and Barbara's passion for green issues, animal welfare, complementary therapies, nature and the countryside.
"We are committed to the ethos of Natural Friends, as a dating and friendship site with a difference, with our goal of uniting compatible people in love and friendship." Ally & David

About David

I grew up in the coastal town of Broadstairs in Kent before moving to South Devon, where I live with my two dogs in a small village close to the sea and estuary. I love being near the coast and water and the stunning scenery around me. I enjoy running up to half marathons and coastal and trail runs and walking, particularly sections of the South West Coast Path.

Broadstairs holds fond memories for me, with its golden sandy beaches set with a stunning backdrop by the chalky white cliffs. From an early age I discovered a joy in  beachcombing after a storm, amazed by what had been washed up from that stretch of the English Channel. I still get a buzz of excitement from beachcombing along the estuary shore and finding lovely pieces of weathered wood which I make items of furniture from.

I have always struggled with perfectionism, but found working with drift and found wood relaxing and channels a creative side in me. I read, and it stuck with me that: “Working with Natural Forms helps develop: tolerance and forgiveness, the appreciation of approximation, the celebration of differences, the value of deformities” (“Making Rustic Furniture” by Daniel Mack).

I first came across the Natural Friends website in 2005, and was deeply impressed by the ethos of Natural Friends and its members, with their diverse range of ethical interests and life stories. It struck with me that it was a great concept to match such people with common interests together and escape from the “herd” mentality of the main stream dating sites.

Having recently acquired the business I am very excited to build on the vision of James and Barbara Bradshaw, and look forward to working with Ally and the Natural Friends team.

About Alison

I have lived in the South West of England all my life and love the area. Living here I am surrounded by beaches, fields, woodland, the moors, rivers and more. 

My whole family have always been nature lovers and appreciate wildlife of all kinds, this led us to become vegetarians over 20 years ago. 

Growing up, I have always had many animals, and love to have a dog around. 4 years ago we took on a rescue dog from the Blue Cross.  Despite having a few issues when we first got him, separation anxiety, over excitement with other dogs etc we trained him and he is now a fantastic companion and family friend.
I enjoy being outside, either walking the dog, playing on the beach with my family, bodyboarding or camping.

I really like the fact that the Natural Friends website caters for like-minded people, helping them to find either companions or friends who enjoy the same values and hobbies. It’s so unlike most dating sites who want their members to fill in a multitude of tick boxes as the main criteria to find a match.

I look forward to growing the site ensuring that we cater for the right kind of people and help everyone to have the best experience.

Dedicated to helping you

"We care passionately about the service we offer to our members and strive to find new ways to attract and bring like-minded people together in love and friendship." David

Links with trusted companies and organisations, together with tried and tested marketing ensures a healthy flow of new members. Because of this Natural Friends is now a venue where groups form, ideas flow and develop into positive action, news is exchanged and many like-minded people meet those companions they’ve been looking for.
Natural Friends has become the ethical dating agency of choice for people with these special values and interests. Join us today for free.

Natural Friends Ltd is a company registered in England and Wales with Company Registration Number (5725801).




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